Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Teatime Poetry

This is by far my favorite compilation poetry book for young children. It has a ton of poems- 572. They are all appropriate for young children. The arrangement is fabulous. We will be starting MCT's Music of the Hemispheres in week 9, but even then I plan to add in poems from this book.

Today, only Mei and Duncan participated in Teatime Poetry, because Christian and Grayson were out and about. But, Mei's mom Sarah joined us in their place! Mei read Rules by Karla Kuskin and Leave Me Alone by Felice Holman. After Leave Me Alone, Duncan commented that he feels like that sometimes and compared himself to the child speaking in the poem. I love these connections!

Duncan read I'm Glad the Sky is Painted Blue. As he doesn't have a wide selection of favorites, I am just going to have him start at the beginning of the book and read the next short poem that appeals to me.

I am also starting at the beginning of this book. I read The Universe by Mary Britton Miller. Sarah really enjoyed this one and we all discussed it for a little bit before rapping up. 

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