Sunday, August 22, 2010

And then there were 2

Yesterday at 3am after less than three hours sleep, I pulled out of the driveway south of Nashville, TN and the boys and I headed to Berea, KY and Berea College. We set up the Christian's dorm. Then, he received his laptop, his work assignment, and his POBox info. We left the big guy to listen to a welcome speech from the college pres, have dinner with his advisor (the group assigned to his advisor all met and had Papa John's Pizza), meet with his RAs, and go to a welcome mixer. They kept the freshmen busy until 11pm. Well, I guess nobody had time to be homesick!

Boxes piling up in our living room

Standing near window looking into hall
Under Christian's bed

The Draper Building (modeled after Independence Hall)

The boys (now just 2) and I exited the highway into town at about 7:30pm and pulled directly into Carrabba's where we met dh for dinner. When I finally fell into bed, I was so exhausted that the room was sort of swaying.

I am so excited for him, but a little sad at the sight of his empty bedroom here at home.

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