Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday- Week in Review for Mei

Mei is the dd of a good friend who was with us 2 days this week. Mei is in the 5th grade and here is what she did at my house.

Memory Work
What do we call the answer to an addition problem?
The answer to an addition problem is called the sum.

List the helping verbs. (The helping verbs that can also act as state of being verbs are listed on the back of the Winston Grammar verb card. We discussed this and studied these helping verbs this week.)
may / might / must
shall / should
will / would
can / could
has / have / had
do / does / did

What are the phases of the Moon?
New, Crescent, Quarter, Gibbous, Full

Name the two rival city-states of ancient Greece.
Athens and Sparta

Math drill- reviewing multiplication facts 5s
Saxon 65- Lessons 7-10
Making Math Meaningful Level 5 pp.60-61

Language Arts
Winston Grammar Lessons 8
Daily Handwriting Practice Contemporary Cursive pp.8-9
Teatime Poetry
Beezus and Ramona Chapter 3

History, Science, Spanish
See Duncan’s week in review

Above and Beyond Five in a Row
For ABFIAR we continued down our first rabbit trail looking more at birds. This week she did a worksheet from Enchanted Learning on the food chain, researched bird beaks at KidWings, and made a minibook on what different birds eat. She also looked at eggs on KidWings website and completed a sheet labeling the parts of an egg.

Other Stuff
Mei and Duncan learned how to wash their clothes… while still wearing them.

Full Santa regalia

Yes, that is my towel in the tub instead of hanging on the wall. 
Mei explored the idea of becoming a chiropractor.


  1. I love that last picture! Too funny. :D

  2. The last picture is great! My husband gets our daughter to do this to her all the time. :)