Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easing into the New Year

Monday, July 19, Duncan began some history, art, Grammar Island, and returned to violin lessons. He had continued Kumon math all summer and had read sporadically. Mei joined us 2 days for history and art and she continued with her Saxon and ABFIAR that she had already started. Christian and Grayson were out of town.

This past week beginning Mei and Duncan added science and memory work. Duncan also began Song School Latin, SL LA 2 adv including the reader, and Saxon. Mei added Winston Grammar.

Grayson began precalculus, history, world lit, and chemistry.

Here are photos from some of this weeks work.
History- Egypt Mini-book



Mei is doing the second unit of ABFIAR. Among other things, she has completed a flower lapbook and a mini-book on the Passamoquoddy (Native American Tribe).

We used the Native American sheet from enchanted learning, but made it into a mini-book.

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  1. Beautiful lapbook! I love those history mini-books, too.