Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday-Homeschool Week in Review for Duncan

Duncan is my second grader.
Memory Work
What is the definition of area?
Area is the number of squares of a certain size that it takes to cover a given surface.

What is a verb?
A verb is word that expresses action or a state of being.

Name 3 categories of galaxies.
Irregular, Elliptical, Spiral

Tell me about the Phoenician Civilization.
The Phoenicians were a seafaring people who are remembered for their purple dye and their written alphabet.

Kumon Math- daily drill
Saxon 76- Lessons 31-34
Keys to Decimals Book 2 pp.24-26
The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat pp.8-11

Kumon from yesterday

Language Arts
SL LA 2 adv week 3 copywork and activity sheet
The Whipping Boy (reader, completed)
James and the Giant Peach Chapters 21-25 (read-aloud)
Handwriting Help for Kids Workbook 3: Create Cursive pp.11-15
MCP Word Study D pp.15-18
MCT Grammar Island pp.44-51; p.162 (1-4)

colored in Phoenician information on map
Sailing with the Phoenicians DVD this is in this series
(without Mei) In Search of Knossos

Phoenician Information Map

Great Science Adventures Space
Lessons 5: What are galaxies?
We also looked at galaxies on pp.56-57 of DK’s Children’s Night Sky Atlas
Mei's inside on top. Duncan's outside on bottom.

Lesson 6: What is the solar system?
When I read through the GSA Lesson 6 minibook, we added dwarf planet to the vocabulary list. When Ceres and Pluto were mentioned, I noted that along with Eris they had been classified as dwarf planets in 2006.

Duncan's on top. Mei's on bottom. First page of a 10 page project.

Astronomy 101 DVD
(without Mei) The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System on the History Channel last night.

Song School Latin week 3

Barron’s Spanish Every Day
Second half of chapter 1 with index cards vocabulary. This casual approach is nice, I plan to cover a chapter in 2 weeks and then review it in the third week.

(without Mei) The Complete Book of Spanish Grades 1-3 pp.5-24 We picked this up just for fun last weekend at Sam’s.

BYKI Farsi
Yep, I still feel like we are getting nowhere.

Draw Squad
This week Duncan drew a candle.

last week and this week

Duncan has totally stalled out in violin and I have no idea how to help him. He practiced every day except Wednesday.

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  1. We liked learning about galxies last year. It was lots of fun! Looks like you had a good week!
    Nice drawings too!