Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday- Week in Review for Duncan

Duncan is my second grader.

Memory Work
None of the memory systems out there really fit what we are doing, so I am winging it. I like Anki, but Duncan really likes cards that he can hold, so we are using large index cards. Until now, we have been reviewing everything in addition to the new cards I add for the week. This week, however, we went through the cards and the ones that Duncan knew without hesitation we moved to the back of his card box. In a few weeks, when it is time to pare down our cards again, I plan to pull them back out. If he doesn't remember them, I will add them back into his drill deck. At least this is the plan.

Tell me about multiplying decimal numbers.
We do not align decimal points. After multiplying, we count the total number of decimal places in the factors and place the decimal point so that the product has this number of decimal places.

Tell me about conjunctions.
A conjunction joins two words or two groups of words together.

List the coordinating conjunctions.
FANBOYS- for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

Tell me about prepositions.
Prepositions show how two things are related.

Tell me about interjections.
An interjection is an emotion word.

What are the phases of the Moon?
New, Crescent, Quarter, Gibbous, Full

Name the two rival city-states of ancient Greece.
Athens and Sparta

Kumon Math- daily drill
Saxon 76- Lessons 39-42
Keys to Decimals Book 2 pp.29-30

Language Arts
SL LA 2 adv week 5 copywork and activity sheet
The Children of Noisy Village chapter 10-end (reader)
Ralph S. Mouse chapter 1 (reader)
MCP Word Study D pp.22-25
MCT Grammar Island pp.72-90; p.156; p.158; p.90 (orally)
Teatime Poetry on Tuesday

Gombrich’s A Little History Chapter 9
colored in the Greece minibook from Enchanted Learning (I wondered if Enchanted Learning would be worth the cost of the subscription, but it has been worth every penny and then some. I have used something from there every week.)

Mei's cover

Mei top. Duncan bottom.
The First Olympics from The History Channel DVD (This was a little too much for Mei and Duncan. Although they did sit fairly quietly and assembled a craft project, I don’t know that they got anything from it.)
You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Greek Athlete (without Mei)

Olympics Mei and Duncan style. That is Grayson in the blue shirt playing volleyball.

Great Science Adventures: Space
Lesson 8: What do we know about the Moon?
We complete an lab designed to demonstrate that the Moon and Earth reflect the light of the sun.
Mei left. Duncan right.

Lesson 9: What is an eclipse?

DVD- Bill Nye: The Earth’s Crust
DVD- Bill Nye: The Planets (yes, this was made prior to 2006, so, yes, we discussed the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet again. Also, he says counterclockwise about a million times, so Mei and Duncan definitely know that planets move in a counterclockwise motion around the sun.)

Barron’s Spanish Every Day
began looking at some vocabulary from Chapter 2

Song School Latin Lesson 5 (And we just keep rolling along! At this point I am almost positive that we will continue with Latin for Children next year.)

As sad as it is, I must admit that, unless I can find a cheap tutor, we are dropping Farsi. Ditto for violin.


  1. Oooh, Bill Nye. I had forgotten about his videos. I'm going to have to see if Netflix carries them. Another great week!

  2. What is Anki?

    I love Gombrich's book, I love Bill Nye and I love Latin for Children! (We are going to start Song School Greek soon.) Good week!

    Anki is a memory work program that organizes your deck of virtual memory cards based on your responses.

  4. Oh some new things to check out! Thanks.