Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday- Week in Review for Grayson

Grayson is my junior.

Language Arts
Grayson read selections from EMC’s World Lit, completed his homework for comp class using IEW and Mother Tongue, and worked a little in Queen’s Language Lessons.

On Wednesday he went to the math tutor. He is using a Sullivan Precalculus text. He also discussed Chemistry with the math tutor, because he was stuck squatting on a section.

Actually, an online friend ended up helping him figure out what he needed to know. Today, we will be trying to move forward in the text.

This week Grayson read chapter 12 section 5 in the Glencoe high school World History by Spielvogel and completed this section in the Active Reading Notetaking Guide workbook.

He also watched lectures 6 and 7 from The Teaching Company’s A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts. I have not watched any of these lectures, but Grayson likes the professor. He says that he is very enthusiastic. He bounces around a lot, but after the first couple of lectures the camera man figured out to keep a wide frame, so that the camera doesn’t need to move around so much.

This Tuesday he attended his one semester economics class using ABeka. It is a fun group of high schoolers. This week one of the young men brought some little magnets to keep his hands busy while he studied, but apparently the fun little things were far too entertaining and the group played with magnets while they studied. The group leader asked these not come to class anymore.

Grayson watched lecture 4 and 5 from The Teaching Company’s The Art of the Northern Renaissance. The professor is a character- she is a little stiff and moves her mouth much more than her jaws when she talks. Something about her reminds me of Sister Wendy. Maybe it is that she comes across as being knowledgeable and reserved. She isn’t as opinionated in these lectures as Sister Wendy, but you get the feeling that she could be if this were a different format. I like the choices of lecture topics and the material presented, but that is something I knew from reading the information on The Teaching Company website.

Grayson began volleyball last night. It is co-ed, but there is only one other guy on his team. The funny thing is that there also only one other guy in his IEW composition class!

Grayson in blue with the only other guy. LOL


  1. Wow, only one other guy? All of our homeschool activities seem really guy-heavy. My daughter wishes there were more girls. LOL.

  2. Ditto what Daisy said - my oldest is constantly asking me where the other girls are in any given activity!

  3. They must be destined friends :) Eyes open to hear more about the TC DVDs.

  4. hey...reread my post after your comment...didn't mean it to sound "snarky" so i'm going to tweak it. but anyway, have a great school year, and thanks for visiting!

  5. It looks like it was a great week. Thanks for posting, it's hard to find other high school posts.

  6. My dd has the same thing in reverse in her age/grade level. The year 2000 saw a lot of boys being born:) I end up bumping her down 1 grade level so she can be with girls, lol. Great week! The magnet story reminds me of a guy in my college math class that spent that time linking together chain mail, LOL. I found it fascinating. It was a rather heavy project to be carting around to college classes.

  7. Finally had a chance to catch up with your blog! Sounds like an action packed couple of weeks!!