Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost Friday- Week in Review for Mei

Mei is the dd of a good friend who was with us 2 days this week. Mei is in the 5th grade and here is what she did at my house. I am very fortunate in that Mei and my little man Duncan are very bright and very focused, fast workers.

Memory Work
What is the commutative property of addition and multiplication?
a + b = b + a
a x b = b x a

What is a verb?
A verb is word that expresses action or a state of being.

List the layers of the Earth.
Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, Crust

Name 4 important kings of ancient Persia.
Cyrus, Cambyses, Darius, Xerxes

Math drill- reviewing multiplication facts 9s
Saxon 65- Lessons 4-6
Making Math Meaningful Level 5 pp.58-59

Yes, I am letting her write in the Saxon book.

Language Arts
Winston Grammar Lessons 5-6
Daily Handwriting Practice Contemporary Cursive pp.half of 6 and 7
Teatime Poetry
The Random House Book of Poetry for Children
Beezus and Ramona Chapters 1-2

History, Science, Spanish
See Duncan’s week in review

Above and Beyond Five in a Row
For ABFIAR we continued down our first rabbit trail looking more at chapters 1-4 in John Audubon: Young Naturalist. This week Mei read about swallows and completed a minibook on Haiti.

She chose her favorite setting from last week’s second worksheet and used it to fill in The Writer's Craft- Setting Worksheet. Then, she wrote a paragraph based on the worksheet. She revised her paragraph using some IEW material. I banned the verb see, so she used the IEW reference page to replace it with witness. She added in a bunch of great –ly words using the IEW -ly ending sheet. I also snuck in a triple and introductory clauses without explaining what we were doing. Finally, I typed it up correcting punctuation (which we are not focusing on right now) and spelling (which she will be doing at home and I didn’t want to focus on in this lesson). I meant for us to paint a tropical bird and discuss folly, but alas it didn’t happen this week.

Mei's Paragraph-
I can’t believe we walked away from that car crash. Guido chased us relentlessly. I witnessed people dying while Guido drove dangerously after us. When our cars scratched together, there were lots of sparks. I heard the tires screeching, the glass breaking, and the metal bending. I could smell all of the gas when the cars flipped over and burst into flames. When I flipped over, I could taste blood in my mouth. Quickly, the airbag exploded saving my life. Although I was frightened and in pain, I was astounded by what I discovered. Happily, Guido was crushed in his corvette!

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  1. Great week. I love the paragraph and the activities with the Audubon book. My son loved that book last year.