Monday, November 16, 2009

Meditative Monday- College Selection Process Take 2

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Christian has always wanted to work with animals. When he was little, we kept a pass to the zoo and went frequently. In the summer we often went more than once a week. Christian loved the zoo so much. He would say that when he grew up he was going to work at the zoo so that he could go everyday. (To which at one point his little brother Grayson replied that he was going to grow up and be a hippo so that he could see Christian everyday.)

This weekend we found a new number one college choice. It offers a biology major with a concentration in wildlife rehabilitation. The initial presentations about the college had Christian thrilled. Then, the prospective students were able to sit in on three discussions given by the different departments. After hearing the spiel from the biology department wildlife group, he was smiling from ear to ear. He reluctantly went to the humanities department second and chose to go to the cafeteria instead of attending a third department discussion.

After lunch we went and visited the wildlife rehabilitation center. At this point, he developed perma-grin. We walked around looking at turtles, squirrels, red-tailed hawks, etc. Christian knew the animals and the literary references behind the names that the students had given them. He fit right in with the group of people working there. I could have told him that he was going to complete his senior year living in the rehab center sleeping on the floor in the room with the opossum and he would have thanked me as he waved dismissively while walking away.

As we drove away, Christian declared that his safety school was okay and that his reach school was very nice, but that he loved this college. While the other two schools offer biology degrees that with some tailoring could create a somewhat similar experience, neither would offer the support and camaraderie of a group of like-minded people. I know that right now this college is front and center. However, no matter what institution he attends, now is the time to pour his energies into making this life he imagines into a reality.

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