Friday, November 13, 2009

College Selection Process

Well, today the boys and I are packing up and heading out of town to look at a college for the big guy. It is a certainly a one-day drive, but it is not a short one. So, I want to head out the door soon.

For the most part, I would say that I am a relaxed parent. However, graduating and going to college have me wound up and anxious. There is this overwhelming feeling that these are the last and most important decisions in my child's life for which I will contribute a deciding or major vote. I don't want to vote wrong!

There is no path to follow. I did not graduate from college; his father did not graduate from college; none of his grandparents graduated from college. I try to be informed and give appropriate guidance, but there is a ton of information and what if I miss something. It makes my chest feel heavy if I ponder it for too long.

Last month we looked at a college that is the bee’s knees. If he is accepted, it is where he will go. However, keeping in mind that his odds at his reach school are only 20% at best, we are excited about the college we are touring tomorrow. I hope that in Christian’s eyes it measures up or at least comes close to college number one.

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