Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Which I Begin Introductions!

I will start with the boys, because it seems easier to describe them than my husband and myself. I have two sons from a previous marriage who for internet purposes I will call Christian and Grayson. Then, together we had a third son who henceforth shall be referred to as Duncan.

Christian is a senior in high school; Grayson is a sophomore in high school; Duncan is in first grade. I home-educate all three. However, although technically I am still responsible for his transcript, this year Christian is reporting to someone other than me for all of his classes, so I am really more of a guidance counselor than a teacher.

Christian, my mirror- born an old soul, moves when necessary
Grayson, my heart- my sunshine, moves to the tune in his head
Duncan, my angel- the child I never thought that I would have, moves with tenacity

They are 3 huggy, kissy lovebugs. Why bother having a loveseat and a recliner when they all sit right next to me on the couch?

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