Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Well, I guess this another Short Explanation Wednesday

Dh's ornament is a peacock. He is prissy and likes to primp. I have a number of peacocks in my home, because they remind me of him. Notice that he put his peacock at the top of the tree.

The dancing, prancing zebra in a tutu is my ornament.

OTOH, who can resist a sock monkey in a pink polka-dot bikini!

I have several ornaments that are representative of my three boys, but this Mary Engelbreit elephant with the little guys on its back is my favorite. The littlest one up front is Duncan. The big guy holding him safely is Christian and the one on the back who is along for the ride is Grayson.

This lion is Christian's favorite. He got this the Christmas he was 9yo. This was the first year that he read the Narnia books, so this lion will always be Aslan to him.

Grayson's favorite is a this poison dart frog. When he was 4yo, he was a black and blue poison dart frog for Halloween. I put a sign on him, so that people would know what he was.

We obviously need to find little Duncan an animal ornament, but this year he is the odd man out. He chose his new violin ornament as his favorite.


  1. love the peacock!! Also love the violin, both myself and my oldest daughter play! Happy WW, and thanks for stopping by my place!