Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday- Homeschool Week in Review for Duncan

This was going to be our last sort of full week. However, Duncan began running a fever Wednesday night, so our week was cut short. Next week we will do only Kumon, Charlotte’s Web, and violin. Then, pick back up on Monday, 12/28.

Language Arts
Duncan participated in Teatime Tuesday Poetry and talked about A Christmas Carol by G.K.Chesterton and similes and metaphors.

He did 15 Kumon reading pages and Monday went to the Kumon center.

We read The Night Before Christmas and Olive, the other Reindeer together for Read-Aloud Thursday. I read-aloud Toads and Diamonds and Prince Darling from The Blue Fairy Book and page 32 from The Aesop for Children. Duncan read chapters 7-9 of Charlotte’s Web.

Monday afternoon he went to Kumon and Tuesday afternoon he went to the math tutor. He did 15 Kumon math pages at home and finished Key to Fractions Book 2. He already completed Key to Fractions Book 3, so he will be starting Book 4 the week after Christmas.

Monday and Tuesday we reviewed some Earth science information.

We had planned to go to the MTSU Rock and Fossil museum on Thursday, but with Duncan being feverish and puny we cancelled. I hope we can go another time.

History and Geography
Duncan again played with The Seven Continents of the World Jigsaw Book.

We discussed Jesus and Mary and Duncan read the Nativity Story from his children’s Bible.

Duncan practiced violin about 20 minutes on Monday and went to a lesson on Tuesday.

On Sunday we went to our town’s Charles Dickens themed Christmas street festival.

Other Stuff
Wednesday morning we went to see Santa and I even guilted my big boys into the Santa picture. LOL It is a good shot and I am glad to have it.

Wednesday afternoon Duncan and I went with a homeschool group to the TN Ag Center’s Christmas field trip.

We watched The Best Christmas Pageant Ever on DVD. In the past my big boys and I have read it at Christmas, but alas that didn’t happen this year (or last year either for that matter) so it was nice to see it on video. Perhaps, next year Duncan will read it with me.


  1. I didn't even know The Best Christmas Pageant had been made into a movie? I'll have to hunt for that.

    I've also never heard of A Christmas Carol by G.K.Chesterton?? Gonna go hunting.

    Thanks for sharing your week!

  2. If you just scroll down or click on Teatime Tuesday Poetry, I post the poem we study in my Teatime Tuesday Poetry blogs.
    :-) Mandy

  3. I thought I had already commented, but I guess I forgot to click "Post" ;)

    It sounds like you had a good week, except for poor Duncan. I hope he feels much better soon.

    Have a Merry Christmas!