Monday, December 14, 2009

Meditative Monday- several meaningful things accomplished

While I want to teach my children to move slowly and decisively toward goals, I also want to instill a learning lifestyle. A life where we acknowledge that everything we do is a learning experience. This weekend we did some meaningful things that underscore the time we spend looking at the arts, literature, and learning to live as a family.

Time has no meaning in itself unless we choose to give it significance. -Leo Buscaglia

Duncan and I went to see The King and I on Saturday night. He gave his little friend MeiMei (cute nickname, but Cuppycake also works LOL) three red roses. I was going to get pink, but he said that she needed red, because that is her favorite color. She was one of the royal children and had a little cameo where laughing she chased another royal child around the legs of the king. It was cute and MeiMei has a contagious laugh- even a fake one on stage.

On Sunday dh, Duncan, and I went to Dickens of a Christmas. Every year our little town presents a Victorian Christmas street festival complete with characters from Dickens’ books. Even the police are dressed in costume. We listened to Christmas music on hand bells and water glasses, ate a late lunch at the local Irish pub, road around the square in a horse drawn carriage, admired the wandering Scrooge, Fagan and others, and Duncan went on a pony ride.

Then, we finally put up our Christmas tree. Outside we already have lights up, but the tree was buried in the garage storage and nearly inaccessible. Last night Christian and dh wrestled it free and brought it and the ornaments to me. Dh decorated our little banister himself. Here is his handiwork.

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