Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday- Homeschool Week in Review for Duncan

Language Arts
Duncan is still working on some Emily Dickinson poems. He participated in Teatime Tuesday Poetry and talked about personification and nonsense. He did some Kumon reading packs and Monday and Thursday went to the Kumon center.

We read Boris & Amos together. I read-aloud Why the Sea is Salt from The Blue Fairy Book and pages 24-26 from The Aesop for Children.

We also discussed action verbs and did pages 52-55 in Easy Grammar 3.

On Tuesday afternoon he went to the math tutor and on Monday and Thursday afternoon he went to Kumon. He did some Kumon pages at home, some pages in Key to Fractions Book 2, and lessons 36-39 in Saxon Math 65.

We talked about the rock cycle. The description from Living Memory by Andrew A. Campbell was a little much, so I just used a sentence that I liked in a book from the library. “The process by which rocks form, break down, and reform is called the rock cycle.” – Science Matters: The Rock Cycle. He also read about the rock cycle in DK Eyewitness Rocks & Minerals.

He also watched a couple of Magic School Bus videos (Hops Home and Out of this World) from the library.

History and Geography
Duncan again played with The Seven Continents of the World Jigsaw Book.

Duncan also learned about Mohammed this week. We read about Mohammed in The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History. I detest the anti-Muslim slant to the memory sentence from Classical Conversations, so we are using our own based on the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History.

In the year 610, Mohammed began teaching Islam in Arabia.

I plan to continue talking about Mohammed next week, but this weekend we will look at St. Nicholas.

Foreign Language
Duncan used Rosetta Stone Farsi twice this week for only 10 minutes each time- maybe I can get him on it again this afternoon.

He also watched Kids Love Spanish- Volume 4: Food a couple of times. He thought it was interesting that the word for potato is so close to the word for daddy.

Duncan went to his violin lesson on Tuesday and practiced about 30 minutes a day except on Thursday when we ran out of time.

This week we continued looking at Giotto. We looked at Getting to Know the World’s Great Artists- Giotto and Duncan chose his favorite picture in the book. He chose the detail of Nativity on page 30. We also looked at Masters of Art: Giotto and Medieval Art. He was fascinated by Crucifix and Giotto’s choice to show blood spewing out of the wound in Christ’s side.


  1. I loved reading your week in review. Your subjects are very different from ours and so interesting. My daughter would think she had died and gone to heaven if she could learn Farsi.

    Great name for a blog also. Too funny.

  2. What a pretty blog background!

    I got your comment about my son's shirt - don't you just love Gymboree?!?!

  3. Wow, you do a lot of neat stuff! I'll have to keep tabs on ya for inspiration!

  4. I really like Gymboree. :-) We almost always buy Halloween jammies and Christmas clothes from there. I am trying to think of a Halloween or Christmas since the little guy was out of infancy when these two outfits did not come from Gymboree and I can't!

  5. Daisy and Cara-

    Oh, and the blog is named after a haiku by Issa. If you want to read about it, the explanation is in my very first blog post.