Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday- Homeschool Week in Review for Grayson

Well, in addition to Duncan deciding he wants to go to school, Grayson is making me crazy spending way to much time playing online games!

Religious Studies
Grayson continued reading through The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History and Christian History Made Easy.

Language Arts
Grayson continued with The Lord of the Rings.

This week in Bullfinch’s Mythology King Arthur and His Knights Grayson finished chapters 8 and 9.

He continued using his online Grammar program.

Grayson finished Breaking Dawn. He also read a couple of Mouse Guard graphic novels- Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 and Mouse Guard: Winter 1152.

He also completed pp.13-18 in Jump-In.

Algebra 2
On Tuesday he went to the math tutor and spent the rest of the week doing Teaching Textbooks Lessons. Since Tuesday, he has reviewed 91 which they will wrap up next week and has begun working on 92-94 that are due next Tuesday.

Human Anatomy
This week for in Human Anatomy Grayson completed Body by Design Chapter 16 and watched 2 videos from the How Stuff Works Website. He also watched a lecture from The Teaching Company’s- Understanding the Human Body. This wraps up Grayson’s study of human anatomy. Although he will be watching the TC videos for the rest of the year, next week he begins forensics!

Grayson finished Conceptual Physics Chapter 20 and watched the fourth lecture from The Teaching Company’s Physics in Your Life.

This week in TRISMS EOC Grayson finished studying the Byzantine Empire. He a worksheet, some mapping, and an extra person of interest questionnaire on a Suleiman the Magnificent.

Grayson spent about 45 minutes each day working on SOS Spanish.

Grayson began listening to Gregorian chants and looking at the works of Donatello. As part of TRISMS EOC, he looked online at information and in books at the mosaics of the Hagia Sophia. He also watched lecture 22 from The Teaching Company’s Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance.

Life Skills
Grayson continued moseying his way through Ourselves by Charlotte Mason. He did some ACT English practice questions.

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