Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday- Homeschool Week in Review for Grayson

Yes, this is Grayson with the workboxes. I asked him to go put up a book so that I could take a photo that had a size reference. This is what my goofy child did.

(For reference, Grayson is about 5’7” if he would bother to stand straight.)

So, the top 12 drawers belong to Grayson and the bottom 12 belong to Duncan. On Grayson’s drawers two have two numbers for a total of 14 things to do. Although they are Velcro, Grayson never removes his numbers. Oh, and the numbers do not represent a schedule. I don’t really care in what order they complete their drawers.

Duncan likes to move his numbers to his completed vine to the right of the boxes.

Alright, we’ve had a bunch of little things to do this week that required leaving the house. This meant that not quite as much was accomplished as last week, but it also meant that Grayson has had plenty of car time that he used to read the Twilight books.

Religious Studies
Grayson continued reading through The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History and Christian History Made Easy.

Language Arts
Grayson continued with Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings. Grayson fills in the student pages, but we discuss the information rather than using the writing assignments.

This week in Bullfinch’s Mythology King Arthur and His Knights Grayson finished chapters 4 and 5.

He began studying clauses in his online Grammar program.

Grayson finished Twilight last weekend and New Moon this week. He just began Eclipse on Thursday.

This week Grayson informed me that he just can’t write. In this regard, he is exhausting. Putting thoughts on paper comes naturally to me and my oldest, so perhaps he is intimidated, because both Christian and I actually enjoy writing. Anyway, we are stepping way back and taking a different approach. This week I ordered Apologia’s Jump-In! and we began looking through the free chapter that is on their website.

Algebra 2
On Tuesday he went to the math tutor and spent the rest of the week doing review problems for a quiz that the tutor plans to give him next week.

Human Anatomy
This week for in Human Anatomy Grayson completed Body by Design Chapter 14. We skimmed the DK's The Human Body Book section on reproductive systems. (We already covered most of this section with Abeka’s health last year.) He also watched 2 videos from the How Stuff Works Website and a lecture from The Teaching Company’s- Understanding the Human Body.

Grayson completed Conceptual Physics Chapter 19 and watched the second lecture from The Teaching Company’s Physics in Your Life.

This week in TRISMS EOC Grayson continued studying the early Christians. He completed some vocabulary, a worksheet about the early Christian church prior to the fall of Rome, and the vocabulary quiz. Today he will take a quiz over this week and last week.

In TRISMS EOC’s language arts component Grayson read selections from Augustine’s City of God and discussed them with me.

Grayson spent about 45 minutes each day working on SOS Spanish.

Grayson continued listening to the music of Hildegard von Bingen and looking at the works of Masaccio. As part of TRISMS EOC, he looked online at information about Old St. Peter’s Basilica. He also watched lectures 18 and 19 from The Teaching Company’s Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance.

Life Skills
Grayson continued moseying his way through Ourselves by Charlotte Mason.


  1. I like that your drawers are nice and big. I bought smaller ones (9 drawer tower) and it drives me crazy sometimes that not everything fits.

    I enjoyed reading about your son's studies. He has some great books going!

  2. ? I thought I commented, but I must have missed a captcha.

    I like your system. It looks so tiday (way better than an over stuffed desk). It sounds like he has had a really busy week. Way to go!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow - what a great week you had. I'm impressed! I love the tissue paper fox. I also like the pic of the workboxes - I just started reading about them. I'm not sure if they'd work for *me* but I do think my DD would like them!

    TY for your post on my blog yesterday. Things are much better today.