Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday- Homeschool Week in Review for Duncan

Master Duncan has decided that he wants to go to school. We passed a local public school twice this week as they were letting out.

Why does he want to go to school you ask? I inquired. His reply was to ask another question.

“What do they do in first grade math? Are they only doing 6x3?”

I replied, “I don’t think they do multiplication in a first grade traditional classroom?”

“Whoa, so they do like 6+3?”

“I think so,” I reluctantly admitted.

“Cool, then I definitely want to go there.”

He decided that the work would be easier, so he wants to go the public school. The child is in first grade and has decided he wants to be a slacker. He is also under the mistaken impression that he will be finished faster and get to come home and play. Christian tried to correct Duncan’s idea of how a classroom functions, but I don’t think the little man got it.

Now, I am not a homeschool-is-the-only-way kind of gal. I would certainly listen to a request to attend a traditional classroom that was based on a logical argument, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, it is snowing like crazy which is unusual for middle Tennessee. He has a friend over and they have played in the snow and played Wii.

However, he is being a grump. He has said that he is bored. The first time I let it slide, but now he has said it again. He is currently cleaning baseboards while his friend plays Wii. Arrgh!

Language Arts
Duncan continued his study of Christina Rossetti. He finished memorizing his second poem and next week we will start on a third. We also read Rossetti poems other than those he is memorizing.

I read aloud pp. 42-43 from Milo Winter’s Aesop for Children. For read-aloud Thursday we read Madeline.

Duncan read chapters 1-4 of Sword in the Tree.

Duncan played some in his beginning cursive book, did Wordly Wise Book 2 Lesson 12 and Plaid Phonics C pp.84-90.

Duncan completed Key to Fractions Book 4 pp.22-26 and Saxon 65 lessons 62-63. Duncan didn’t go to the math tutor, but he finished MEP 3A pp. 7-8.

This week Duncan learned about mountains. He read Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out Science How Mountains Are Made.

We learned the highest peaks on each of the continents.

I read aloud chapters 3 and 4 from The Story Book of Science.

He also watched some science videos from the library: Magic School Bus Human Body, Magic School Bus Kicks up a Storm (weather), and Bill Nye the Science Guy: Gravity.

History and Geography
Duncan again played with The Seven Continents of the World Jigsaw Book. We focused on the countries of Europe.

We studied the Battle of Hastings. We read p.218 in the Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History and SOTW2 pp.136-139.

We learned that in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated King Harold of England at the Battle of Hastings.

Duncan practiced violin about 20 minutes a day and had a lesson Monday afternoon.

We began looking at the sculptures Donatello and listening to Gregorian chants.

This week we talked about primary colors and Duncan painted a beach ball rolling into the ocean using only primary colors.

We read Madeline this week and her friends brought her flowers to the hospital, so Duncan finger painted an impressionist version of a flower garden and sponge painted some additional flowers.


  1. Haa haa. My son wants to grow up and work at Trader Joe's pushing buttons all day (eyes rolling).

    I love the beautiful artwork!

  2. Occasionally my kids say they are bored. I tell them it is impossible to stay bored! It really is! It always passes of its own volition. I challenge them to be bored as long as they can and they never can! It is so funny to watch, they'll sit there on the couch trying to maintain a glum expression on their face while I pretty much ignore them and about a half an hour later they are off playing and having a grand old time!

  3. I'm sorry your week was frustrating, the artwork came out great though! My twins also thought they'd be done with schoolwork faster in public school...they've been back for 1 week and are already begging to come home again, LOL. They have almost *no* free time anymore between school and homework.

  4. Mmm.. Cleaning baseboards when they say they are bored...not a bad idea! The paintings turned out just great!

  5. I'm sorry you had such a rough week. ((hugs)). I have a jar of jobs and activities all mixed up in a special 'Bored' jar. Once the word is spoken, they get to choose an activity from the jar.....hadn't thought of cleaning baseboards

  6. One of my sons went to school in 7th grade and loved it because it was sooooo much easier than what I had him do at home. Go figure...

    Great paintings. I like the one with the beach ball.

    Did Duncan like the science videos? I'd love to get some DVDs for my DD~6 to watch. Could you post back on my blog? Thanks

  7. My oldest son goes to PS and he tells me everytime (when I do homework with him) that he does not need to do so much, it's O'K to do less (it's certainly not O'K with me).So yes, sometimes it's easier and less...
    Wonderful paintings, very nice!

  8. Funny how they think school will be so much quicker. My oldest thought the same thing until he talked to a kid in the neighborhood. Now he begs not to go to a public school.