Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sitting in the window of the church lounge waiting on Grayson, Mei shares her funny book with Duncan.

Grayson holds my aunt's little yorkie, Dolly, who looks like a little stuffed dog. She is so cute with her little chocolate chip nose.
Yeah, I know these photos were in my week in review, but I posted that so late and these photos are some of my favorites from this fall, so I posted them again.


  1. ONE MORE LEVEL!!! Our boys have the same shirt lol! i agree with our grandparents generation totally! Even my mom to a degree which most people say she had me late in life. It is a shame how parenting and government have gotten so far off kilter. Love your pics your kids are so happy!

  2. Adorable pics! Well worth showing - and seeing - again!

  3. We've got that One More Level shirt too. A classic!

    Nice pics!