Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday- Week in Review

Duncan is my 2nd grader.
Mei is my friend’s 5th grader.

Our poetry, science and history memory work.
Poem 2
The Tiger by William Blake

List the 3 layers of skin.
The three layers of skin are the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.

Tell me about St. Benedict.
St. Benedict, 480-547, wrote one of the most influential religious rules in Western Christendom. For this reason Benedict is often called the founder of western Christian monasticism.

Duncan's memory work for math and LA.

Duncan view the giant bone at the Science Center.

How do we find the area of a parallelogram?
We find the area of a parallelogram by multiplying the base times the height.

Tell me about indirect objects.
If there is a direct object, then there may be an indirect object: a noun or pronoun between the action verb and the direct object, and the indirect object is affected by the action.

The pelicans gave Mud a headache.
Mud told Oopsy a story.
Mud gave him and her an idea.

Mei’s memory work for math and LA.

Mei again has her face painted at Chik-fil-A.

What is perimeter?
The distance around a polygon is called the perimeter.

List the coordinating conjunctions.
FANBOYS- for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

Language Arts
Together we continued with MCT’s The Music of the Hemispheres and Sentence Island. Duncan and I also read Clovis, King of the Franks. Duncan also began a reader from Open Court titled From Sea to Shining Sea. It is a fairly easy read, but I am excited because he really hasn't covered much U.S. history. At my house Mei read finished Why Snails Have Shells. They both did some handwriting and some grammar (Mei- Winston Grammar, Duncan- Practice Island). They both are rolling along with NaNoWriMo and are doing very well.

Mei has completed a couple of lessons in Saxon 65, continued working in her Kumon multiplication workbook, and started Math Mammoth Blue Series- Fractions 1. Duncan did Kumon and began Math Mammoth Blue Series- The Four Operations. I also ordered Hands on Equations and it arrived on Thursday, so we will be starting it next week!

Moving on to history, Duncan and Mei covered Chapter 19 of Gombrich’s A Little History. We also completed an Enchaned Learning worksheet on the Huns and made three minibooks titled: What were the Middle Ages?, Clovis, and Saint Benedict.

Mei's pink. Duncan's green.

Our chicken bone in vinegar wasn't ready last week, but look at it this week.

Kind of makes me want to run take a calcium supplement!

This week we discussed the skin, hair and nails in Great Science Adventures and also looked over this section in DK’s The Human Body Book.

Their minibooks- Mei left and Duncan right.

Other Stuff
On Monday we did the cubscout and Kumon thing. On Tuesday Grayson went to his economics class and as usual we went to Chik-fil-A's family night. On Wednesday Duncan went to violin, Grayson went to his math tutor, and we went to the library. On Thursday we took Grayson to his IEW composition class. Mei and Duncan study in the lounge while we wait for him.

Mei and Duncan do memory work on the couch.
Reading in the lounge window. Evidently Mei's book was so funny it needed to be shared.

On Friday we went to Arts Alive! and then I took Duncan and Grayson to the Science Center.
They needed to design something that caught the ball regardless of which of which of the three places it fell and then would guide it back to the entry hole.

Duncan's reflection on the bees.
The giant lever lifts the car.

Making bottles shoot into the air.
Friday night we went to my aunt's house. She has the cutest little yorkie named Dolly.

If you didn't notice, then I will point it out to you. Yes, Duncan wore the same shirt Thursday and Friday.


  1. Your week looks so fun. That chicken bone, Yikes!
    Oh, and my ds Ethan, wears the same shirt Monday and Tuesday and Wed......well, you get the picture. At times before I take a photo I look to see what shirt he is wearing. Eeeks!

  2. But the shirt mentions CHOCOLATE! So it's all good. :) Have you done a post with how you do memory work? If not, please do! I need to memorize the direct/indirect object info myself.

  3. Too funny about the shirt!! I have two boys that would much rather wear the same thing over and over...and some days when my laundry is stacking up, I don't mind! ;-)