Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday- Couple of Weeks in Review

Well, let's see. Friday 10/8 I was on the road and Friday 10/15 I was on the road, so those updates have come and gone. However, we took fall break from 10/11-10/15. Here is a quick photo overview from then until now. We had a visit from our college freshman, two birthdays, and won a volleyball tournament! This has required a drive to Memphis and back and forth from middle TN to eastern KY twice in addition to all the driving here in middle TN. 

First Cub Scout bonfire. Duncan is a wolf and at the bonfire received his bobcat badge.

Christian came home from college for a long weekend before midterms.

Mei and Duncan learned how to make balloon animals.
Mei likes her giraffe.

Grayson tries to teach tired Duncan how to play a video game.

Duncan has a birthday and turns 8!

Duncan and Mei drive through Cici's pizza.

Christian and Mei have hats.

Duncan and Mei began their Nanowrimo workbooks. Duncan's inner editor.

Mei's inner editor.

Duncan dances in theater.

My poor little camera doesn't take action shots well.

Duncan in art class.

Mimi has a birthday

and turns 88!

Part of the undefeated volleyball team. I didn't get a single good shot at the tournament, but in this photo the young lady in the white tank looks so happy that I chose this one to put here.

Grayson with his tournament t-shirt.

Duncan was making baskets right and left after the volleyball game.

Today art class was at the lake. See the 3 turtles sunning on the log?

The view to paint- just ignore the foreground.

Mei and Duncan painting.
As a general overview, we are plugging along in LA and math. We didn't do any new science this week and we studied Jesus in history.


  1. Great pics. I love the art class at the lake! Is there anything more inspiring than nature?

  2. Love the 88th birthday cake! And Duncan sure is a good shot in basketball.
    Be gone inner editors!! Are you writing too? I'm not. I did it one year, won and that was enough. Actually I think I tried the next two years but didn't last the week. :) My kids on the other hand -- they've been waiting all year for November...

  3. Great update! We love having art outside.

  4. Sounds busy but great. Congrats to all v-ballers, birthday celebrants and Cub Scouts.

  5. that Radnor Lake? We LOVED walking there. I miss it tremendously now that we moved to the west coast.

    I loved looking at your pictures and happy birthday to Mimi!

  6. Wow, lots of great learning! I enjoyed all the photos.

  7. i like the photo-blog! it's nice...looks as though your life is full and blessed. How nice to have your boy home from school!

  8. What a nice week you all had! It's so lovely doing art outdoors :)

  9. Happy Birthday Duncan and Mimi!
    I enjoyed the photos too. Your children look so loving to each other.

  10. Was the outdoor art on your own or was it part of the class? I love all the pics!

  11. Yes, Brittney, that is Radnor Lake!

    Heather, that was part of the art class we go to on Fridays. Several field trips are planned and that was the first.