Monday, September 13, 2010

Duncan, Weekly Review: 9/6-9/10

Duncan is my 2nd grader. This is so late that it is obviuosly just for my journal, so it isn't very interesting.

Memory Work
Duncan’s math memory work is pulled from Saxon 76, his LA memory work is pulled from MCT Grammar Island, and his science memory work is pulled from Great Science Adventures Space. His history/ geography memory work is based on what we are studying.

What do we do when the divisor of a division problem is a decimal number?
We remove the decimal from the divisor by writing an equivalent division problem multiplying both the divisor and dividend by a multiple of 10.

Tell me about a direct object.
A direct object is a noun or object pronoun that gets acted on by the action verb.
Subj. Act.V. D.O.

Tell me about a subject complement.
A subject complement is a noun, subject pronoun, or an adjectives that comes after a linking verb and renames or describes the subject.
Subj. L.V. S.C.

List the outer planets.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Tell me about Confucius.
Confucius, who lived from 551 B.C. to 479 B.C., taught obedience and respect.

Kumon Math
Saxon 76- Lessons 48-51

Language Arts
SL LA 2 adv week 6 copywork and activity sheet
Ralph S. Mouse chapters 8-end (reader)
Betsey and Tacy GO Over the Big Hill chapter 1-3 (reader)
MCP Word Study D (he did this, but no idea where the book is now!)
Handwriting Help for Kids: Create Cursive
MCT Grammar Island pp.104-114; he completed the story maker on p.113 & 164 (in addition to identifying the underlined part of speech we analyzed some of these for words and parts of a sentence.)
Tuesday Poetry from the Random House Poetry book

Gombrich’s A Little History Chapter 11
colored in a China map and flag from Enchanted Learning
The Life and Times of Confucius
Ancient China DVD from Schlessinger Media

Great Science Adventures- Lessons 13 and 14
(Jupiter and Saturn)

Barron’s Spanish Every Day Chapter 2
The Complete Book of Spanish- the pronoun you

Song School Latin Lesson 7

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