Thursday, February 11, 2010

Read-Aloud Thursday

Since The Canterbury Tales were mentioned in our history reading, today we read Chanticleer and the Fox. This is an adaption of the "Nun's Priest's Tale." I think I like Geraldine McCaughrean's adaption better, but Barbara Cooney's illustrations more than make up for it. They tell the story so clearly that you hardly need the words. It is a lovely introduction to Chaucer for very young children!

(As a side note- This doesn't bother me, but I hear it often and thought I should mention it here. The rooster has 7 wives. I mean really- have you ever been to a farm that only had 1 chicken? Also, how else would Brother John, the priest who is telling the story, refer to the rooster's hens?)

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  1. Our library has this version and we've checked it out many times. Chaucer is a favorite of mine! I just found Geraldine McCaughrean's version a couple of weeks ago on Ebay for $5! Received it yesterday and it is BRAND NEW. Yeah, I was happy. ;-)