Thursday, February 4, 2010

Read-Aloud Thursday

Yeah, this is a little belated, but it was in response to the snowfall we received last week. However, since his birthday is February 9th, maybe it is just as appropriate now as last week. Snowflake Bentley is a Caldecott winner and the wood block illustrations certainly capture the story's words and era. Also, Wilson Bentley and his brother were homeschooled!

The Story of a Castle is a wordless picture book that chronicles a "typical English castle" from about 1170 to about 1970. Before the pictures begin there is a page with a little timeline and a brief explanation of the pictures. Each long, two-page spread has a half page in the middle that can be flipped back and forth to change the scene in the larger two page spread. The paintings are fabulous, but be aware that the two-page spread of Cromwell's Roundhead troops sacking the castle may be disturbing to sensitive children. All things considered this was a good addition to our week's history study.


  1. Oooh, Story of a Castle looks like a great choice for next year's history studies. Thanks!

  2. Ditto Daisy. Thanks for putting it out there. what a great find.