Monday, August 26, 2013

More Than a Week in Review, 8/16-8/25

Duncan is my 10yo, and he is my only one who has not graduated.

Let’s see. We have finished week 4 of our fall semester. We are using folders, and, when I asked Duncan his favorite thing about his school line-up so far this year, he said it was his green folder. When I asked if he meant a particular subject, he said no that he liked everything in his folder.

This includes:

Holt Skills Practice (coordinates with Elements of Language Introductory Course)
MCP Plaid Word Study F
MCP Spelling Workout F
Evan Moor Daily Paragraph Editing 5
Evan Moor Read and Understand Poetry, Grades 5-6+ 
EMC Write-in Reader, Grade 6, Redwood Level 
CHOLL Guides and other guides
Evan Moor Daily Math Practice, Grade 6
World Geography and You, Book 2 Eastern Hemisphere
Conceptual Physical Science Practice Book
Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way Student Guide

I also stuck in a page telling him what to do in his history text, A Message of Ancient Days and Readings in Social Studies: Ancient Times and a sheet of paper to write the answers to the section questions.

No idea why this is the big favorite.
Evan Moor Daily Paragraph Editing
EMC Write-In Reader
Daily Math
Geography Reading Pages
Geography Question Page

Duncan has been taking swim lessons. 

Duncan swimming.
Friend Mei being silly.

This week has been busy, busy, busy.

Last weekend we were in NYC with my husband’s cousins. Yes, Duncan was the only child there and he greatly enjoyed himself. We were only there for two full days. It was Duncan’s first trip there so we did the whirlwind tour. On the first day we went to The Museum of Natural History, walked through Central Park to Columbus Circle and on over to the Apple Store and FAO Schwartz (that he ended up not even wanting to enter). Then, we went to my brother’s apartment and Times Square before heading back to my husband’s cousin’s place in Brooklyn. On day two we went to ground zero, the Statue of Liberty, Trinity Church, St Paul’s Chapel, and City Hall Park before heading to a Persian restaurant. We did other things like go for a grocery run, eat, and stop at Starbuck’s to rest, but that isn’t very interesting. Oh, and my husband’s cousins taught Duncan a new card game. :)

Museum of Natural History Dino Attack
Museum of Natural History Gator Scare
Duncan holding Lady Liberty
My favorite thing on the trip- statue by Olaf Breuning.
Nice interpretation of being hit over the head with your own mistakes. lol

This week we went on a field trip to Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary. In the morning Doodle participated in a forest ecology hike and in the afternoon water ecology.

Forest Ecology
Cool Dude Pond Ecology
Mei just loves the creek. hehehe

Tonight we went to Shakespeare in the park where we were not allowed to take photos. :(

It was a very audience friendly production. In addition to the main stage, there was a round platform in the middle of the audience. There were signs up that said, "Feed the Fairies." The fairies ran around and crawled around in the audience stealing popcorn and kids. lol Well, they didn't exactly steal the kids. If they wanted, the little children were allowed to accompany the fairies to attend Titania and things like that.   

The play within a play was a riot. Duncan was laughing so hard he could hardly sit up. The actor playing Nick Bottom absolutely stole every scene he was in. Theseus was portrayed as a politician with a heavy Southern accent. He was also very good. Perhaps, it was Athens, TN. XD Puck was entertaining. The actor was not quite the scene stealer that you hope for in Puck, but he had a few really good moments particularly when he was interacting with the audience. 


  1. Oh my you all look like you are having fun! How does Duncan feel being the only one now in schooling?

    1. Last year was a rough transition as much for me as for him. When you have an only, you are the only person in the house. The only one to interact with, talk to, play with, bounce ideas off of. It is exhausting. It isn't like he is 17yo and off doing his on thing.

      Two is by far easy than one. My other two were only 2.5 years apart, so they had each other and the second son was going into his junior year of high school when the oldest left.

      It is difficult for me, because during my middle son's high school years I had an extra student, so I went from having 3 to having one. It is difficult for me to just have one. I find it difficult to determine how long things should take, how many activities to schedule. After all, with only one I thought that we should have more time. All the time in the world to do stuff. I found myself rewarding/ punishing work well done with more work.

      LOL I guess I should write a blog post on this topic. :D

  2. Looks like a great week. The geography reading and worksheet are really nice.

  3. What a fun trip! I can't imagine taking my 4 to NYC, although we did Boston a few years ago and didn't lose anyone. And how fun to see Midsummer Night's Dream. We saw that a few years ago and my three older boys all loved it.