Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving Beyond the Page- A Wrinkle in Time Literature Unit

I wanted to talk a little about MBtP’s A Wrinkle in Time unit. 

We finished the first 3 days. Each of these days covers one chapter, but some days cover two. In addition to 4 comprehension questions for each chapter, language arts concepts are covered using A Wrinkle in Time. On these 3 days, Duncan covered hooking a reader with the first line of a story, elements of science fiction (diagram), vocabulary from the book covering prefixes and suffixes (chart),  possessive plurals (fill in the blank), characterization of Meg (diagram), creative thinking skills guided to describing a picture, discussion and illustration of things beyond human comprehension, adding –ed and –ing to words (chart and fill in the blank), read an explanation of science fiction as part of the fantasy genre, and brainstormed ideas for science fiction stories. Each lesson ends a wrapping it up conclusion that sums up what was covered, a couple of questions to discuss that are more analysis and less comprehension, and things to review.  

The comprehension questions at the beginning of the lesson include questions like:
What is Meg upset about in the first chapter?
What did the government tell Meg's mom when she went to find her husband?

The discussion questions at the end of the lesson include questions like:
In what ways is Meg's family similar to and different from your own?
What does Meg mean when she says, "I do face facts. They're a lot easier to face than people, I can tell you."?

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