Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week in Review, 7/2-7/6

Duncan is my 9yo and this week we started fourth grade.

Well, here we are again. I had expected to begin our new year next week, but as it turns out there are some days next week when we will not be able to do school. So, we stretched two days scheduled for next week over three days this week. We started memory work and he made index cards, but, since he is expected to have it memorized by next week, I will post the week 1 memory work with next week's week in review. It wasn't a stellar start in attitude, quantity, or quality, but at least the ball is rolling.

In Religious Studies and Mythology this partial week
Selections from The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor

Artist, Composer, Poet Study this partial week
Benjamin Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. We listen to two broadcasts online at Classics for Kids- The Instruments of the Orchestra - Part 1 and Part 2. Then, we listened to the entire piece on youtube. This was definitely a good review and a good start to the year.

The Blue Rider: The Yellow Cow Sees the World in Blue pp. 1-11 focusing on Kandinsky. We are going to cover this book quickly for an overview of the group, but later this quarter we will be covering the works of Franz Marc in detail.

Color Me a Rhyme by Jane Yolen pp.8-17
Duncan memorized Orange.

by Jane Yolen
I want to take a bite
out of that sunset sky,
letting the orange juices
run down my chin,
spitting out the pulp
onto the rocks below.
In Math this partial week
We have not totally stopped doing Kumon Math this summer even though this past month has been more than somewhat inconsistent. This week we managed to squeeze in 2 days- H 181-185 and H 186-190. The plan is to begin Duncan's math text 7/16, his first full week of school.

In Language Arts this partial week
This week Duncan began reading Rascal by Sterling North. He read chapters 1 and 2, so of course now he wants a raccoon as a pet. This book was a huge favorite with my big boys so I am glad to now be sharing it with the little man. As a read-together, we began It's Our World, Too! He completed Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition- Lessons 1 and 2 alongside the first two lessons in the coordinating Mott Media's series 4 workbooks and Spectrum Writing 5- Lesson 1. We also began looking at Webster’s 1824 Speller from Don Potter’s site and started Figuratively Speaking Lesson 1: Denotation and Connotation.

In Geography this partial week
In cultural geography Duncan read about the Mound Builders. In physical geography he reviewed the continents and oceans. He also completed the first two days of week 1, the introductory week, from WinterPromise's Children Around the World. We are using the 2008 print edition that uses How People Live as its spine.

In Science this partial week
Duncan completed lesson 1 from Memoria Press's fourth grade science- Insects. This is a beta test book and the reader had a number of typos in lesson 1, so I ended up reading it aloud to him. I didn't notice any errors in the workbook.

In Foreign Language this partial week
Duncan began Lesson 1 in Latin Primer: A First Book of Latin for Boys and Girls and completed the introduction section in Your First 100 Words in Persian.

On the Violin this partial week
On violin this month Duncan is working on mastering song 1 from Suzuki book 2- Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, William Tell Overture from Essential Elements for Strings book 1, and the Star Wars Theme Song. (Because math comes so naturally for Duncan, I had hoped that this would also be the case with violin. Uhhm- not so. He practices a little and goes to lessons, but unless there is a huge change this is not something that I see being a huge part of his future in any way other than for the fun of it.)

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