Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week in Review- Duncan (wk3 of 36); Hasta Luego to Christian

Duncan is my 8yo. Here is his third week of third grade:

On Time4Learning Duncan completed at least one activity each day in Language Arts, Language Arts Extensions, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Here is a breakdown of how much time (hours: minutes: seconds) he ended up spending on T4L this week:

LA and LA extensions, combined- 1:28:00 (nouns, verbs)
Math- 0:31:59 (subtraction)
Science- 0:56:29 (Scientific Investigation)
Social Studies- 1:31:29 (Inuit)

So, 4:27:55 is the total time that Duncan spent doing the computer portion of T4L this week.

In Foerster’s Algebra Duncan continued with chapter two and completing section 2-6 on Monday, 2-7 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and starting 2-8 today. He also averaged about 11 minutes each day at Khan Academy and spent between 20 and 30 minutes each day doing Kumon math.

In language arts he worked on word list 60 from Spelling Plus and finished pages 10-14 in Spectrum Phonics and Word Study Grade 5. This week Duncan finished nouns and began verbs on T4L. Last week we watched some IEW and did a Key Word Outline for a paragraph about booklice. This week we narrated and rewrote the paragraph from the outline. We also did a Key Word Outline of a paragraph about vulture bees. He was scheduled to read Matchlock Gun this week, but he read it last month, so this week he read a couple of Encyclopedia Brown books and pp.7-38 (the first five stories in The Beginner’s Bible).

In history Duncan read chapter 3- Europeans Settle America in Land of Liberty and Exploration and Conquest by Maestro. He also read a couple of poems from The Oxford Book of American Children's Poems.

In addition to T4L, this week Duncan watched Bill Nye- Probability and The Way Things Work- Wheels & Axels. (Yes, this DVD series goes along with the book The Way Things Work by David Macaulay.) He also looked through Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Creatures of the Deep by Mike Everhart. I say he looked at it rather than read it, because it comes with little 3D glasses and that is really the fun part.

It was another slacker week in violin. In my defense, I am pretty amazed that he finished as much as he did. We were packing up my oldest for his return to college and Duncan didn’t get as much attention this week in anything.

Mr. Christian was excited to be back at college.
Christian, Grayson, Duncan in front of Christian's dorm

After a long day in the car, Grayson is getting silly

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