Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week in Review- Mei

Mei‘s mother had a birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Mei finished through lesson 96 in Saxon 65, wrapped up Math Mammoth Division 2, and almost finished Key to Fractions Book 1. We also read Life of Fred: Fractions, chapter 1. Mei’s math skills have really taken off this year… to the point where I actually heard her say that her Saxon lesson was easy! :-)

Mei worked on Classical Conversations English memory work, completed four pages in Megawords book 1, and read a chapter in The Story of the U.S.A. book 3. She has also been flying through Future School’s grade 5 language arts and only has six lessons left to finish the whole year. The plan is to do two each week for the next three weeks, but she is on such a roll she may finish sooner.

Our gameroom on a homeschoolin' afternoon.

We studied light, based on our Classical Conversations science memory work.

We studied history based on our Classical Conversations history memory work.

On Friday, Mei went to drama and art. She has also started piano lessons again.

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